Fruit Pastilles priced at £70 in Chichester Boots

£70 can buy you a flight to Paris, afternoon tea at The Ritz, or a couple of bottles of top-shelf bubbly.

But the purchase of a humble packet of Rowntree’s vegan Fruit Pastilles could make those luxuries unaffordable after they were priced at £70.00 in Boots in Chichester this week.

Anyone looking to cash in on the bargain of the century could purchase the chewy sweet as part of a meal deal for as little as £3.59 and save themselves £66.41.

Posting the picture on Twitter, a Chichester University student declared, ‘being a vegan is expensive...’

Fruit Pastilles being priced at £70 in Chichester Boots

Boot’s has said it has since notified the store manager and apologised for any inconvenience.

The price has now been scribbled over in pen to make clear the correct price is 70p.

The price has been scribbled out