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Hastings shop has its own indoor shooting range - take a look inside

A Hastings shop has opened up an indoor shooting range for customers.

By Richard Gladstone
Thursday, 11th November 2021, 4:23 pm

Outdoorsman Supplies Ltd, in Robertson Street, had always wanted to set up such a facility since moving to larger premises in town.

Susie Morley, owner, said: “The Outdoorsman has been a feature of Hastings for the best part of 40 years.

“We sell air rifles, CO2 pistols, targets, army surplus clothing, smoke grenades, camping goods, airsoft and many other things associated with outdoor pursuits.

“Two years ago, we moved to these larger premises as we had outgrown our previous shop. The new premises, which cover two floors, meant that we could finally have a long-cherished dream - an indoor range.

“The range, which opened three months ago, is 12 metres.

“We have a wide variety of customers, from children up to retirees.

“It is our ambition to teach the responsible and enjoyable use of air rifles, therefore we encourage youngsters. We have compact air rifles which are easier for people of smaller stature.

“We use the range for customers to zero in scopes, and to ensure that anyone buying something from us is familiar with it before they leave the shop.

“As we emerge from the setback of the lockdowns, we will invest more money into the range. We would like to install moving targets.”

A full copy of the range rules is displayed at the shooting point.

Anyone wanting to join the range as a member needs to bring along ID such as a driving licence which proves their address.

Susie added: “Many people have fond memories of The Outdoorsman. We now have fathers bringing their sons or grandsons in, and telling them how they used to visit our old premises on Bohemia Road.

“We like to point out the old shop counter which is still the original one from all those years ago.

“We have recently taken on an in-house gunsmith, so we can do repairs and servicing in situ.”

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