In pictures: New grocery store with butcher and bakery opens in Eastbourne town centre

A new grocery store, which has a butcher and a bakery inside, has opened its doors in Eastbourne town centre.

Dem Food Centre in Grove Road held an opening event on Saturday, September 23, with a live DJ and both the current and former mayor were in attendance.

The store, which has been opened by Tarik Genc and Furkan Yilmaz, has areas designated for fresh fruit and vegetables, tobacco, alcohol, soft drinks, dairy, meat, organic produce, cheese, olives, baby items and frozen food.

Fresh baked goods are also being sold and produced on-site, with an emphasis on Turkish breads.

Mr Yilmaz, who claimed that he had several sleepless nights in the build up to opening the business, said: “This style of shop, mainly you see it in London. You find it in London, but in Eastbourne you can’t find [it] that much, [a shop] that focusses on the vegetables and a hand-made bakery and fresh meat, a butcher, [and] a frozen area.”

He added: “It is good to have some goals, targets to reach. After spending that much effort [putting the business together] you want to spend more energy to get better. After opening, when we saw the people’s comments, everybody was liking everything, it really made us happy.”

The business is also putting an emphasis on its fresh produce, with the fruit and vegetables being selected from markets in London rather than being sent from suppliers.

On top of this, the owners said they will be looking at what products are popular going forward and will adjust what they have on offer.

Mr Genc and Mr Yilmaz also explained that they are hoping to use the business to benefit the community by working with food charities, such as Eastbourne Foodbank and local community fridges, while also supporting refugee charity Sanctuary.

The shop, which was approved conditionally back in June, will be open every day from 8am through to 11pm in it’s site – which was formerly Little Chelsea Antiques Emporium.

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