Manor Royal business' CEO supports staff with 4% pay rise

A Manor Royal company’s chief executive has given his staff a pay rise to help with the cost of living crisis.

Jake Byrne of Albion Rye Associates a boutique Life Science recruitment business has implemented a 4% pay rise for all staff in order to reward colleagues for their hard efforts and provide more financial support for all to help with the cost-of-living crisis.

Albion Rye is a local business that specialises on supporting the life sciences/healthcare industry, but also a company who focuses on not only making profits but ensuring the workforce is happy and relatively stress-free as much as possible, especially with the current affairs that are effecting people all over the world.

A spokesperson said: “Albion Rye are a business that like to look after their people but give back to the community as well by sponsoring two charities per year (normally local) and every Christmas fundraise for those need it most.

Jake Byrne

“Jake has also implemented a policy to allow staff to have flexible working conditions to accommodate family needs and personal situations to make it easier for everyone to work around this.

“This is something we don’t see many smaller businesses doing right now and feel this separates us from our competitors within the recruitment industry especially.

"It's excellent to promote our ethos as a company and potentially nudge others to do the same in this troubling time.”