New children's shop opens in Worthing town centre, with influencer Charity Shop Girl cutting the ribbon

​​A new children's shop has opened in Worthing town centre, answering the call from parents for affordable toys, clothes and equipment.

Guild Care already has a successful children's shop in Worthing's West End, along Rowlands Road, and has now opened a second in Portland Road, in the heart of the town centre.

Taking over half of the former Gamleys toy shop, the charity has returned the site to what it has long been known for in the town.

Adam Rider, director of retail, said: "When they closed Mothercare and Beales, we were getting so much feedback that there was nowhere for mothers to go.

"We now have two shops totally dedicated to children, where people can buy prams, moses baskets, toys and clothes. It is busy at both stores.

"The response has been 'thank goodness someone is listening to us and we have got somewhere to go', where the prices are affordable.

"We check all the equipment and everything on sale is good quality. The only things we don't do are car seats and children's cycle helmets because we don't know their history.

"What is also good, and appreciated, is the new donation point at the back, where people can bring any children's things they don't need any more.

"Kids grow up so quickly and they grow out of things in no time. Rather than going in the loft or garage, we are saying bring it to us because, believe me, there are people in the community who need it."

The shop was officially opened this morning by influencer Jen Graham, known as Charity Shop Girl on Instagram.

She said: "Guild Care are doing incredible things for the community, alongside helping older people and adults and children living with learning disabilities.

"So, by shopping in these shops, as well as donating, volunteering or purchasing something from the shops, you are helping Guild Care to continue to do the incredible work that they do for the community."

Jen who has a three-year-old as well as two older children, had a good look around the shop. She said everything was good quality and the pricing was 'perfect', making it good value for parents.

The other half of the site is being converted for Guild Care’s home care service and will be opening soon.

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