Renovation of former coastguard tower in Littlehampton nearing completion

The renovation of the former coastguard tower in Littlehampton is nearing completion.

Leila and Cal Leach bought the tower a couple of years ago, which had been left derelict for some time.

They started renovating it in September last year and following some Covid-related delays, they now hope to finish it within a few weeks, ready to let on Airbnb and as a holiday stay as The Little Lookout.

All works have been completed by their family business, Grey Tree Developments, headed up by Cal and a small team of men. 
Leila said: “We know very little about the tower really before its use as a coastguard tower, only that it was used sometime during the Second World War as a lookout tower, and also there are some rumours that links the tower to Ian Flemming while he wrote some of the James Bond books.”

The Little Lookout in Littlehampton

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