Social media star Mrs Hinch’s endorsement for Eastbourne business leaves mum ‘over the moon’

Social media influencer Mrs Hinch named local Eastbourne business Little Squidges as one of her favourite small businesses.

Mrs Hinch, real name Sophie Hinchcliffe, included the company in a list of “incredible small businesses” posted to more than four million followers on Instagram.

The 31-year-old, who rose to social media fame in 2018, shared a picture of her children wearing outfits from the Eastbourne brand, and said, “I absolutely love to dress the boys the same if I can.

“This small business is fabulous for picking the cutest matchy matchy outfits.”

"We are over the moon", said Eastbourne mum Summer Downer after her company wasincluded in social media star Mrs Hinch's list of favourite small businesses. SUS-211211-121031004

Little Squidges is a children’s clothing company set up by Summer Downer in 2016.

It’s reputation has grown largely through social media, allowing the Eastbourne mum to quit her job at Iceland and run the business full time from her house in the town.

Summer said about Little Squidges being included in Mrs Hinch’s list, “We are over the moon.

“Sophie has been a supporter of the company since before her page blew up

“She has continued to share her love for the brand throughout the years and I could never find enough words to say thank you.”