Specialists in dental implants in Worthing

Bemused and confused by dental implants and what they can do for you? You are in safe hands with these Worthing experts.

Dental implants are easier than you think … why not book an appointment?
Dental implants are easier than you think … why not book an appointment?

The Worthing Implant Centre has moved into new premises, a fully-restored Victorian villa transformed into state-of-the-art dental surgeries to care for you.

The man behind the transformation is Ross Drybrough, a dentist with nearly 30 years of experience, and one of the most highly skilled implant specialists on the South Coast.

Ross, who qualified in 1992 has been specialising in dental implant treatments for the past 20 years, after completing additional training and qualifications at the Royal College of Surgeons in London. In fact, he is such a trusted name in the implant sector he was recruited to train other dentists at the Royal College of Surgeons, passing on his skills and expertise.

“What we now have is a property which feels really nice to be in"

“It’s something I am passionate about,” says Ross. “Any qualified dentist can legally place implants without any kind of training, which is quite frankly terrifying. Someone just weeks out of dental school, without any appropriate qualification, could be placing implants into people’s mouths, and that doesn’t always go well.”

“In fact, an increasing proportion of the work we do now is fixing and repairing problems with dental implants that have been placed elsewhere.”

Some of these problems stem from work carried out abroad, where different techniques are often used.

“There are over 400 different implant systems available around the world, many not used here in the UK. So, for example, if someone has had their implants done in Turkey, and something goes wrong, implant dentists in the UK can’t find the components to correct their problems. This is something that people going abroad for treatment are probably not aware of. The treatment is cheaper for a reason!”

Situated in the centre of town adjacent to the dual carriageway near Waitrose, the practice also has free parking for patients

You are in good hands with Worthing Implant Centre, where a friendly smile will greet you on your arrival.

You’ll be given a full assessment to decide what the best treatment options are for you which will be comprehensively discussed. Dental implants can restore teeth lost to decay, an accident, gum disease or missing since birth.

Crowns, bridges or dentures can be supported on implants and can therefore be used to replace a single missing tooth, several teeth or a full set.

Ross added: “Your jaw bone normally starts to shrink when teeth are extracted or lost. Dental implants have been proven to preserve and maintain the bone shape, which helps to retain the gums and facial profile.”

Formerly a council-owned building, it had been boarded up for seven or eight years since the previous tenant vacated

“It is possible to replace an extracted tooth with an implant and crown during the same visit, however, this depends on each individual case and would be discussed with you. Dental implant treatment can take a day, or several months to complete, depending on the complexity of your individual needs. This will only become apparent after a comprehensive assessment.”

Ross is also a partner at Strand Dental Practice in Worthing town centre, but these days he concentrates all of his time on implant based treatment solutions for his patients, due to the demand for his clinical skills.

To find out more, visit worthingimplantcentre.co.uk