Angmering pupils praised for performance of Wind in the Willows

​Pupils, parents and staff were blown away by a fun and engaging performance of Wind in the Willows at St Margaret's Primary School in Angmering.

The year three and four team, Vikki Paris, Elle Joyce, Jo Norcross and Josh Hallam, spent many weeks preparing the children for the performance.

From learning lines, practising the songs, creating props and learning how to use the sound and lighting system, the whole team pulled together to create a fantastic experience.

As soon as they entered the hall, audience members could not help but be impressed by the stunning scenery. They were amazed by what a dedicated and talented team can produce with paper, card, glue and a huge dollop of imagination.

The children wore fantastic costumes, which transformed them into the well-loved woodland creatures. Even the youngest members of the school sat in silence while they watched, as they were under the actors' spell and transported into a magical world.

Paula Bray, teacher, said: "The acting was fantastic, the songs were well rehearsed and performed beautifully while the prop children secretly scurried around to ensure the play ran smoothly. You could not help but smile at the extra details and great background acting.

"It was clear the year three and four children got a huge amount from performing as they were bubbling with enthusiasm and full of compliments for their fellow cast mates.

"These included ‘the singing was loud and proud’, ‘we liked all the silent acting during the songs’, ‘they put great expression into their lines and had fantastic facial expressions too, ‘everyone did really well remembering their lines, no one was nervous on the outside, it was phenomenal!’."

The children learned many skills, such as learning lines, singing, following directions and using a script. However, it was the school qualities of resilience, teamwork, friendship, respect, love and kindness that really shone out.

One of the performers from year four said: "We all did really well remembering our lines but if we made a mistake, it didn’t matter. We carried on regardless. We all encouraged each other and worked well together."