Bohunt school celebrates students achievements in their GCSEs

Students and staff came together yesterday to celebrate their GCSE results after a challenging year due to Covid-19.

Much like other schools, Bohunt faced exam cancellations due to the pandemic.

Their grades were determined by teachers based on the work the students have produced throughout their course.

These grades were then moderated and assessed by external exam boards which awarded the final grades.

Neil Strowger, Bohunt Education Trust Leader said: “Our young people have demonstrated resilience, resolve and tremendous commitment throughout this disrupted and difficult year.

“They thoroughly deserve their results today, which will set them up well for the next stage of their education.”

Micah Lavadia achieved a total of 11 GCSEs all at Grade 9, including further mathematics taken as an additional option through school in her own time, Isaac Sefton achieved 11 GCSEs with nine GCSEs at Grade 9 and two at Grade 8.

Lily Chow got nine grade 9s and one grade 8, and all three students achieved a Grade 9 in Mandarin.

Micah, who is off to Bhasvic, said: “My first thought was ‘wow’.

I am still in shock and didn’t think I’d do this well.

My parents will be really happy to know I’m in the top 3% of students in the country”.

Lily, who is also off to Bhasvic, said: “‘I have done so much better than expected and I’m just Iooking forward to celebrating.”

Bohunt also wanted to recognise the following students: Will Dootson, Tobin Hamilton, and Finlay Macdonald who all achieved ten GCSEs, mainly at grades 9, whilst Toby Ellwood, Lydia Rand and Reuben Walden achieved ten GCSEs at grades 9 to 7, and Emma Hill who achieved 11 GCSEs, consisting of grades 8s and 9s.

Other students to be celebrated were Danielle Young, Ollie Kearnon-Caister, and Hannah Zammit whose GCSE grades represented outstanding progress in their studies.

Danielle Young, another student off to Bhasvic, said: “I plan to go into veterinary medicine.

“I have wanted to do this since I was four years old, and I am so excited to just see people again.”

Another special mention from Bohunt school goes to Henry Andrews who achieved 11 GCSEs in total, undertaking an additional GCSE Dance qualification through school in his own time, for which he was awarded a Grade 9.

Adam Whitehead, headteacher at Bohunt School Worthing, said: “We are very proud of our students who have shown real character, self-belief and worked extremely hard over the last two years, and beyond, to receive their excellent grades today.

“We are thrilled to be able to celebrate their achievements, which are hugely deserved.

“I would like to thank all our students, their families, our staff and the wider school community for their ongoing support over the past year.

“Everybody has come together to deal corroboratively with the challenge of COVID-19 and our students have learnt a lot about themselves and their potential.

“It will be exciting to see them take their important next steps and follow their future achievements.”

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