Chailey School pupils ‘very excited’ for arrival of their tortoises

Chailey students with their new exotic pets
Chailey students with their new exotic pets

Two tortoises at Chailey School have been given a new home thanks to a local business.

Tates of Sussex Garden Centres donated a complete setup for Chailey School’s new Hermann’s tortoises who pupils have named Yoshi and Esio Trot.

“The setup includes a deluxe tortoise table and accessories such as bowls, substrate and UV lighting,” said Mark Brumfitt from Tates.

“The children are clearly very excited by the new equipment and I think the tortoises were as well - but it’s hard to tell with tortoises.”

Chailey School runs a ‘Care Club’ where years 7-11 take it in turn to learn about and look after the school pets; the older students teaching the younger students how to care for each animal.