Discover the benefits of Prep School boarding

What are the advantages to sending your child to a boarding preparatory school? Discover the benefits in this open letter to parents by Bede’s Preparatory School.

Boarding schools provide children with confidence and life skills to equip them for their next step
Boarding schools provide children with confidence and life skills to equip them for their next step

There are many reasons why boarding preparatory schools are becoming an increasingly popular choice for local, national and international families.

Unlike in years gone by, modern boarding schools offer a variety of flexible boarding options to work around your family life and all it entails. Boarding children can really make the most out of their prep school experience – they have the ability to sign up to all extra-curricular activities, whilst making friends for life and receiving expert care from staff in their boarding house.

Most importantly, boarding houses provide an immense amount of fun and excitement for pupils, and will provide them with fond memories that they will hold dear for the rest of their lives. Below are some of the key benefits to boarding…

Modern boarding schools offer flexible boarding arrangements to work around your family’s needs

A soft introduction to boarding - Parents who are considering a boarding school for their children when they reach senior school age, may find that boarding at a prep school (even for a short time) beforehand may help to ease them into boarding life. Prep school boarding houses have a small, cosy and nurturing feel to them which makes them feel less intimidating to those who are leaving their family homes for the first time.

Flexible boarding options - Modern boarding schools offer a variety of flexible options to suit your family’s needs. Pupils do not need to have a full-time bed to be a member of the boarding community. Pupils can stay on a regular or occasional night to fit in with your schedule. Weekly, flexi or full boarding provides something for everyone.

Boarders grow in confidence and make friends for life - Boarding house communities are an ideal environment to foster a child’s confidence and character. They receive plenty of opportunities to socialise and make friends, which brings out their confidence and can have a beneficial impact on their sense of well-being. There is often a family-feel community in boarding houses which creates deep connections between pupils which last a lifetime.

Make the most of an extensive enrichment programme - Living on the same campus as their school, boarders are lucky enough to have plenty of time to enjoy all of the extra-curricular activities, clubs and practices available to them. Boarding pupils have plenty of time to develop their skills beyond the classroom. This leaves children able to really enjoy quality time with their families when back at home.

Boarders make friends from across the world - Many boarding schools are home to pupils from across the globe. Pupils learn about each other’s cultures and create a diverse, tight-knit community. Through boarding, pupils become more culturally aware and develop their social skills.

Boarders develop key life skills - Boarding schools can help prepare children for life. They develop organisational, time management and independence skills that they may not gain when attending as a day pupil. They have a consistent structure and routine which supports their growth whilst they also remain supported by their house staff.

Pupils stay focused on their learning - Homework is supervised at school, so children stay on top of their school work whilst nurturing their independent learning. Boarding schools are able to encourage a love of learning without as many distractions.

Regular communication with parents - Thanks to modern technology, boarding pupils are able to have a lot of communication with their parents via email, telephone, Skype, Facetime and letters. Social media also means that parents are kept up to date with the boarding house happenings via updates from their latest posts.

By choosing to board, your child will make new friends for life, achieve their personal best and thrive within their school. As a parent, you can feel reassured that your child is in the safe hands of their house staff, and in a positive, warm and nurturing environment. Through their prep boarding experience, they will become a confident, independent and characterful individual who is well prepared for their next step.

Bede’s Prep School, based on the beautiful Eastbourne coast is home to a cosy, homely boarding house – Meads End. We provide a home away from home for pupils in Year 5 onwards. We offer flexible boarding arrangements for all pupils – whether that is full boarding, weekly boarding or flexi boarding. Meads End is the ideal setting for pupils to take advantage of the activities and facilities on offer at Bede’s Prep School as well as the wonderful seafront location.

For further information, please visit our website or contact our admissions team on [email protected]