Forest school celebrate '˜outstanding' GCSE results

Forest School has maintained its record as one of the highest performing schools for boys after another year of '˜outstanding' GCSE results.

Around 66 per cent of students achieved grade 4 and above (C+) in both English and Maths while 17 per cent of all grades were between 9 and 7 (A*-A), above the national average.

Retiring headteacher, Siobhan Denning, said: “We are extremely proud of our pupils’ achievements, with 66 per cent of them achieving grade 4 and above (C+ in “old money”) in both English and Maths in the new, harder GCSEs, in line with the national figure for all pupils of 66 per cent.

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“Many of us were in school this morning to watch the joy and delight in our pupils’ faces as they opened their envelopes and read their results. There were so many happy faces!

Forest School. Photo courtesy of Google Maps

“As in all schools today, there was some concern about the impact of the new exams. However, we had worked hard with the boys to ensure that they were fully prepared and they performed outstandingly. 77 per cent achieved a Grade 4 or above in Maths; our English results of 72 per cent are especially pleasing, as we continue to buck the national trend for boys’ results in English.”

Forest said 17 pupils achieved 10 or more Grade 7+ results. Thomas Clark, Joshua Martin and Nathan Kettle picked up 12 or more grades at 7+ while Ben Green, Kieran Moore, Dougkas Moore-Loizides, Joshua Cooper and Toril Azzalini achieved 11 7+ grades.

Ms Denning added: “The new highest GCSE grade, a Grade 9, intended to raise the bar beyond the old A*, was one schools have been told would be almost impossible to achieve. I am therefore delighted that 5 per cent of our boys achieved this Grade 9 in Maths.

“Todays’ press has also focused on the poor performance of British pupils in foreign languages. Again – our results are stunning, with an average of 78 per cent across French, Spanish and German.

“We celebrate all our boys’ results and it is worth noting that those pupils who achieved less than a Grade 4 in English today sat exactly the same paper as those who achieved a Grade 9. Some of our boys made outstanding progress: Piran Shoebridge, Tom Clarke, Murphy Arliss, Tim Manalo, and Kiyoshe Crawley achieved on average two grades higher in their exams than forecast.”

“I am always pleased when the hard work, commitment and dedication of our pupils and staff, along with the support of parents, have been rewarded.

“At Forest we strive to challenge pupils and provide an environment where boys really do learn best.”

Cliff Purvis, Chair of Governors added: “I am very pleased with the results and the boys should be extremely proud of their achievements. Our pupils, their parents and the staff at the school are to be congratulated.”