Head at Forest School in Horsham says students can be confident their GCSE grades 'have been issued with care and consideration'

Smiling faces were 'truly a joy to see' as students arrived at The Forest School in Horsham to find out their GCSE grades this morning.

Headteacher Ian Straw said: "Once again, I am extremely delighted with the results that our students at Forest have achieved this year. These positive results reflect the hard work that this group of boys and their teachers have put into their work during the past three years, despite the disruption to their time in school due to the impact of the coronavirus.

"The grades that the students have been issued with today have been through a thorough review process which involved each member of staff within departments, the subject team leader and the line manager that oversees the department. The results were then scrutinised by SLT and sent to the Fischer Family Trust for further independent scrutiny before finally being submitted to the exam boards.

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"A further external quality assurance process was subsequently carried out by the exam boards, and I am delighted to announce that there were no changes made to the teacher assessed grades. In view of this, our students can take confidence that the grades awarded have been issued with care and consideration. Whilst our students have not had the opportunity to undertake GCSE examinations, the grades they have been awarded is a fair representation of their ability and reflects the standard of work that they have produced through several controlled assessments, class work and non-examined assessments (coursework). The results issued are every bit as valid as those achieved by any previous cohort. They were awarded by colleagues with many years of collective experience who worked closely with our students on a daily basis.

Successful student at The Forest School

"It was truly a joy to see so many smiling faces and to see so many members of our Forest Family return to collect their well-earned results and to see them celebrate with their friends, family and teachers. We look forward to seeing them at the Awards Evening in November and wish them well as they continue their journey. Whatever that journey is, I know that they will thrive and be successful. It is important to acknowledge all the support and hard work from our staff, governors and parents, in addition to the students themselves. I am extremely grateful for all that they do."

Cliff Purvis, Chair of Governors added: “I am once again very pleased with the results and congratulations go to all the boys along with their parents and the staff who have supported the boys throughout. These results are a reflection on the continued hard work of both the students and the staff at the school”.

The school said amongst the many fantastic results, it would like to draw special attention to the following students:

Joseph Bensusan 11 GCSE at Grade 9

GCSE results are being celebrated at Forest

Jacob Bentley 12 GCSE, 8 at Grade 9

Alex Kent 11 GCSE, 6 at Grade 9

Ewan Mattison 12 GCSE, 9 at Grade 9 including Further Maths

Callum McPhie 12 GCSE, 8 at Grade 9

Students gathered at Forest to receive their results today

Daniel Wright 11 GCSE at Grade 9 including Further Maths, and double Distinction* at Cambridge National Level 2

Luca Yeates 12 GCSE, 10 at Grade 9 including Further Maths