Goblin kit cars: Worthing school enjoys its own thrilling Festival of Speed

Weeks of work culminated in a thrilling Goblin kit car race day, Worthing's own version of the Festival of Speed. Around 160 children from year six at Chesswood Junior School competed as teams in their seven classes. Pupils designed, planned and created their own team logos and car bodywork ahead of the festival, which included time trials, an obstacle course and team races.

By Elaine Hammond
Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 9:50 am
Updated Tuesday, 28th June 2022, 11:41 am

Emily Wadge, class teacher, said: "Our magnificent, creative DT event is an annual event that the whole school looks forward to and a unit of work we are incredibly proud of. Our year-six children in their individual classes have created their own, self-made and created go-karts, which they raced against one another. The cars were designed, named and built by the children. Alongside this, the year six pupils ran stalls of refreshments for their peers and the profits will go towards the school and future events.

"We have worked together to create a marvellous event for the whole school. We have been marketers, creating posters and bunting to advertise each individual class brand. We have been entrepreneurs, planning and pricing refreshments for the festival to make a profit for the school and for those watching to enjoy. Lastly, we have been engineers, constructing our Goblin cars in a rotation of different teams, making it a real whole-year group effort and ready to race at the festival.

"Even though each of the classes was competing against one another in a series of races, as one, we are a team, and after many cancelled events and worldly disruptions, we are delighted to be able to celebrate together as a Chesswood family once again. We are immensely proud of our year sixes and their incredible achievements to make this event a roaring success."

Overall winner was Racing Wieners, class 6RW, while Atoms, class 6PO, won best design and Suiiiiiper Sycamores, Don't Worry About a Thing, class 6EW, was fastest on the obstacle course with a time of 12.87 seconds. Also competing were Monkey Mobile, class 6NB; Flaming Blaze, class 6AH; Nightmare Singers, class 6NS; and Super Jack Rabbit, class 6SJ. The children said they enjoyed the challenges, including making presentations to decide who would be the drivers.

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