Happy days are here to stay

One hundred days of happiness culminated in Bohunt School Worthing's first whole school photo.
Bohunt School Worthing's first official school photo. Picture: Martin BloomfieldBohunt School Worthing's first official school photo. Picture: Martin Bloomfield
Bohunt School Worthing's first official school photo. Picture: Martin Bloomfield

The letters BSW were spelled out by pupils in the school playground and underlined by teachers, then photographed using a drone on Tuesday, World Happiness Day.

It was the perfect way to conclude the #100HappyDays project launched by assistant head teacher Briony Palmer last November, picking up on an American idea.

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“It was cold, it was wet, it was windy. This was just about getting the children to think positively and raise the positivity around the school,” she explained.

Staff and students were encouraged to send in pictures to illustrate happiness and such was the success of the campaign, more than 400 are now on file and ready to be made into a commemorative book.

Briony said: “We do great things every day and there are loads of good things going on around the school, so I thought it would be good for us to celebrate that.

“We are a new school and we had never had a whole school photo so we wanted to join up everything we had done as a school so far.

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“The challenge was really simple. It could be anything from a photo of a pet to a student doing a selfie reading a book, a loved one, a good piece of homework, anything that makes you happy. There was a real variety and it was students and staff contributing.

“In order to be able to do this, we needed to push it across the school. It was a student-led project – the photography club selected the five photos for the week and the camera club created a video.

“Every single week, around the school, we had the chosen photos on display. The students really embraced it and they really enjoyed seeing the pictures each week.”

Briony launched the campaign with a presentation setting the challenge to be happy 100 school days in a row.

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She linked it to the United Nations’ World Happiness Report and pointed out 71 per cent of people who had tired to complete the challenge elsewhere had failed, mainly blaming the lack of time.

“I had no idea how it was going to go so to be so successful was amazing,” she said.

The video featuring the 100 chosen photos will be posted on the school website at www.bohuntworthing.com and a book will be created featuring all the photos that were submitted for the project.


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