Hastings Academy students sanctioned following ‘swarming’ incidents

Students at Hastings Academy have been sanctioned after ‘swarming’ and ‘intimidating’ other children, the school has confirmed.

The Hastings Academy

During break times on Thursday and Friday (November 21 and 22), ‘some students formed groups and walked round the academy’, according to a spokesman for the University of Brighton Academies Trust, which runs The Hastings Academy.

The spokesman said the issue with the behaviour related to the ‘numbers that were involved’. He said this was intimidating for students not taking part.

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He added the behaviour was known as ‘swarming’ and said it is occurring in a number of schools locally and nationally.

The spokesman said some of the students ‘were also running in areas where this is not permitted’.

He added: “This conduct is not in accordance with the Academy’s behaviour policy, and the perpetrators have been appropriately sanctioned.

“Whilst the incidents may have been unsettling for some students they were orderly incidents which were well managed by the academy’s staff, and students returned to their lessons immediately following them.”

Some parents said they were told by children that police were called to The Hastings Academy as a result of the incidents.

However, the school denied this, adding: “The police were not called in relation to these incidents.

“A community liaison officer just happened to be on site for a routine meeting on one of the days.”