Pictures show back-to-school for Littlehampton children

We asked you to send in your best pictures of your kids on their first days back at school.

My daughter Alice last year of nursery
My daughter Alice last year of nursery

Here they are:

First day of High School
My grandkids Tyler year 5 and Gracie year 2,as you see my grandson is not a happy xx
My granddaughter Shannon year 7, but her first day is tomorrow xx
Rileys first day of at Margarets
Ellies enjoyed her first day in year 2!
First day in year 6 and last year of primary and year 3.
Fayes first day at secondary school & zacks first day of yr 5!
My daughter started reception today :)
First day of Angmering senior school.x
Logan's 1st day in year 5
The Williams family all ready for their first day back to school today
First day at Seniors
Maggie, first day at st Catherines school
Harvey in his 1st day of summerlea
First day of High School
My son Jack yr7 chatsmore
Aston age 10 year 6 junior age 3 nursery..
Good luck to the teachers on Monday.... when these two start!
First day in year 1 for these twins
Year 4
A-jay bain goes back today year 1
My son Joel going into year 1
The three amigos ready to go!
Logan year 4
Isabella 1st day in year 3
Blake in year 4 and kaleb starting reception
Lily Year 4
Daisy-Mai first day at high school
Mitchell ready for Year 1.
Jakey yr3 white meadows
Shay year 4
Joseph starting in year 2. Xx
Chloe yr4 white meadows
Kaiden Holland goes back to year 6
Lola started year 7 at Chatsmore today
Brooke In year 5 and Maddie In year 3 at Georgian Gardenx x
My 3 are back to school tommorrow and obviously they can't wait...
Scarlett 7
Seth Turner first year 7 day at The Angmering School. X
Tobey yr 11 tla
From Suzie Turner
Chloe Edward's goes back today year 7
Mollie had her first day in year 2 today