Premiere of Crawley school's movie at cinema

The child stars of a film produced and filmed at a Crawley School have had the red carpet treatment at the town's cinema.

Oaks Primary School Movie Stars Oscar Harvey, Elizabeth Stevens & Megan Groberty (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150713-175226008
Oaks Primary School Movie Stars Oscar Harvey, Elizabeth Stevens & Megan Groberty (Pic by Jon Rigby) SUS-150713-175226008

Last Monday (July 13) pupils of The Oaks Primary School in Tilgate were at Cineworld to see themselves on the Big Screen after months of working with their teacher Chris McGivern.

He said: “I’ve enjoyed creating many videos with the children, many being end of year 6 leavers’ videos.

“These have always been very well received and each year I’d always been encouraged to create something bigger and better than before.

“For a good few years now I’ve had an urge at the back of my mind to try and make some kind of actual movie.

“And last December I finally decided to ask my headteacher if I could go for it.”

In January, he held auditions and they have spent the time during their after school clubs and lunchtimes filming it.

The main stars of the hour-long movie are six year olds Megan Groberty, Oscar Harvey and Elizabeth Stevens and other pupils starred as extras.

About 300 people including pupils, teachers and parents attended the premiere last week complete with red carpet and film posters produced for free by LS Printing.

Crawley mayor Chris Cheshire also came to see the school’s creation.

Mr McGivern, who is leaving the school this term after 10 years, added: “Cineworld were amazing.

“They were so helpful in accommodating us.

“The children’s faces and the parents faces when they saw the posters - they didn’t know about them and they’ve taken them home today.

“The mayor said at the end how much she enjoyed it the story I tried to tell.

“It felt like my last day.”

It tells the story of a girl who gets writer’s block when she is set the challenge of writing about a place with is topsy turvy.

She ends up writing about the only thing she could think of: her own school and the problems faced by a little girl.

The film brings this story to life taking the pupils on an adventure which ends in them saving the school.

Mr McGivern said: “It was about how we all face problems and by working together we overcome them.

“It was such a success. It was a lovely thing to do to raise everyone’s spirits at the end of the year and celebrate the strong community we have.

“I’m very sad to say I’m moving on. It wasn’t intended to be my parting gift.”

The school is also using it to raise money for charity.

It is only available to parents to download for a donation.