School holiday dates for West Sussex up to 2020

For parents with children at school organising holidays several months ahead can be a problem.

But in fact many councils provide a calendar of school holidays well in advance, and West Sussex is no exception.

The dates below are ones that have been recommended and will be approved only after consultation with neighbouring authorities, headteachers, union representatives and the Diocese.

Term dates are based on a school year of around 195 days, although individual schools can use five of these days for staff training inset days.

West Sussex County Council is required to set school term and holiday dates for maintained and voluntary-controlled schools.

Term dates may not apply to academies, further education and sixth form colleges in West Sussex, or to schools in the independent sector.

More information can be obtained from the individual college or school websites.

Recommended West Sussex dates:


Summer break: July 24 - first day of the autumn term in September 2018 will not be determined until the 2018/19 timetable has been consulted upon and approved.

October half term break: October 22-26

Christmas break: December 20 - January 2


February break: 18 - 22

Easter break: April 8 - 22

May half term: 27 - 31

Summer break: July 24 - first day back to be determined.

October half term break: October 28 - 31

Christmas break: December 23 - January 3


Half term: February 17 - 21

Easter break: April 6 - 17

May half term: May 25 - 29

Summer break: July 21 - first day back to be determined.

For more information check the council’s website.