Schools begin to reopen: parents react to easing of lockdown measures

Some schools have partially reopened as lockdown measures have eased across the country.

From today in England, children in nurseries and pre-school and pupils in Reception and Year 1 and 6 at primary schools have been able to go back to school, albeit under new coronavirus prevention rules. The measures were met with trepidation by some parents, with others glad for their children to have some normality back.

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Worthing parents share back to school photos as lockdown measures easedAmong those parents sending their child back to school was Selina Ragless from Oaksheath Gardens in Durrington.

Selina and Harry Ragless on his first day back to school since the lockdown began

She said her son Harry, six, loved his first day back at West Park School in Marlborough Road, Goring.

She said: "He has come home really buzzing. I'm really pleased that it has gone so well for him."

Harry has spina bifida and needs one-to-one care, including being catheterised every two-and-a-half hours, so Selina was concerned for staff if they were happy to be in close contact.

She said she had 'nothing to worry about': "They are doing their best to keep him safe, and I want them to feel happy and comfortable, too."

The main differences for Harry were that his class was only 10 people, and the children were being made to wash their hands much more regularly and play in groups within 'bubbles'.

The Year 1 pupil is currently going in every other week, because the school was alternating staff and he wanted to stay with the teachers he had before the lockdown.

"If he feels he wants to go back next week, that's up to him," Selena said.

On the Worthing Herald Facebook page, parents shared their children's back to school stories.

Janine McGinn, whose son was in Year 6, said: "My son was dropped off, and all seemed very calm and sensible at the school gates with the children adhering to social distancing.

"I felt incredibly proud of the children, staff and school."

Georgie Rose Hammer said: "My boys went today as I had to go back to work! We were all very sad as we've had an amazing time together.

"However they are only going on the days I work and so far that's only 2 days a week! Better for my two as they worry so much and were a bit anxious. But came out today with 3 stickers and head teacher awards!"

Sarah-Jane Hackett, whose daughter is in Reception, said: "Personally I think it's up to you and your family; you know what's best for your own children. My daughter's school has done so well in how they set the school up: social distancing and markings everywhere, teachers mark them in before entering.

"When she saw her teacher standing at the door, her little face lit up and she was excited. I am glad to be in routine again."

However, some parents did not want to send their children back to school due to health concerns.

Danny Higham said: "If Parliament can't go back, why should our kids?

"In my opinion it's too soon, they should have gone back after the summer holidays in September."

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