GCSEs: Chichester High School students looking forward to pursuing dreams after receiving outstanding results

Chichester High School students, including one dressed as Kermit the Frog, were leaping for joy as they received their GCSE results this morning (Thursday, August 12).

"The class of 2021 were our first year group as Chichester High School and it has been an absolute delight to watch them flourish over the last five years," headteacher Joanne McKeown said.

"Congratulations to our pupils attaining a string of top grades, including; Luke Watson; Gabriella Shepherd; Hannah Goulding; Jessica Hayhurst; Daisy Barclay; Charlotte Graham; Adam Parkinson; Emma Wright; Jennifer Jones; Harry Growns and those who have excelled and made outstanding progress; Sam Dongo; Nyree Groome; Lauren Conway and Clara Hill.

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"We also want to celebrate Megan Peyman’s Dance and Musical Theatre Diploma at Lane Theatre Arts.

Buster Warrington with headteacher Joanne McKeown. Photo: Chichester High School

"It is also with great pleasure we celebrate Sienna Wildman’s fashion course in Brighton, Tommy Brown’s apprenticeship at Rolls-Royce and Jack Hinshlewood’s enrolment at Brighton and Hove Albion Football club."

Have you read?: Get a FREE congratulations message to your superstar studiersMegan Peyman told the Observer that she was 'thrilled' with her results and was 'so excited' to be going to a dance school.

"I couldn't believe I got in there," she said. "I will be moving out so it's scary.

"I've got family down and we will be going out for a nice meal tonight to celebrate."

GCSE students leap for joy. Photo: Chichester High School

Buster Warrington brought humour to the results day by wearing a Kermit the Frog costume. He said he had bought it for a non-uniform day but it arrived late.

"It's my first time showing it off," he added. "You only get your GCSE results once."

Buster was also pleased with his results and he is looking forward to starting at Chichester College, with a view to pursuing a career as a solicitor.

"I did pretty well," he said, "The lowest I got was a 6.

Birthday boy Lewis Fryer hugs his proud mum, Karen. Photo: Chichester High School

"I really enjoyed my subjects. "I stay at home quite a lot anyway so I've really enjoyed online learning. The school has really helped with the online resources.

"We are getting a Chinese takeaway to celebrate my results and my mum's birthday, which was yesterday. It's the best way to celebrate."

Birthday boy Lewis Fryer was with his proud mum Karen when he picked up his results this morning.

"It will be a double celebration," Karen said.

Hannah Goulding incredibly achieved a full house of 9 grades. Photo: Chichester High School

"He's done really well, passed them all. I'm very proud of him. He knew he would do it as he worked really hard with the online learning."

Lewis said he will be going to Chichester College to study travel and tourism.

This year's senior student presidents, Luke Watson and Daisy Barclay are celebrating outstanding results.

Luke, who got ten 9s and one 8, said: "I'm very happy with that. You can't really ask for anything more.

"I've had to work hard over lockdown."

Luke will now be pursuing his passion for sport at Churcher’s College Sixth Form.

Megan Peyman is excited to be studying for a Dance and Musical Theatre Diploma at Lane Theatre Arts. Photo: Chichester High School

Daisy was also 'very happy' to receive eight 9s and one.

"It's a relief," she said. "I'm feeling a bit shaky

"It's so nice that everyone is here, including my family.

"After all the build-up, it has just settled down.

"It was definitely a challenge but the teachers were really helpful. There were some bad days but some good days as well."

Hannah Goulding, meanwhile, incredibly achieved a full house of ten, 9 grades.

She said: "I knew I had been predicted them but I wasn't sure if I was going to get them.

“There were definitely pros and cons to learning at home. Having the information all available when you need it so having more time to take notes was good but it is hard not having the usual lessons.

“The teachers definitely went above and beyond to make online learning as close to normal as possible.”

Hannah will be studying biology, chemistry and maths at the school Sixth Form and wants to eventually become a vet.

"It's something I've always wanted to do as long for as I can remember," she said.

'There are so many achievements in amongst every single result'

Headteacher Ms McKeown said students were all 'emotional and nervous' to adjust to the restrictions during the pandemic but 'coped brilliantly'.

She added: "Not a day or week has gone by when this year group have not given 100 per cent, and throughout the relentless assessment process, they continued their positive attitude.

"Today this historic year group deserve all the medals. We were thrilled to see many of our students return to school today to receive their GCSE results.

"There are so many achievements in amongst every single result.

"Today’s results combine high achievement and excellent progress for our pupils that will allow them to pursue the next stages of their educational journey."

Deputy headteacher, and raising standards leader for Year 11, Naomi Lewry said she 'could not be prouder'.

"The intensity of the work and assessments was relentless," she said. "Usually exams are over a two-week period but this was everyday and every week, they were being assessed and under pressure. They've been amazing and done it with so much cheer.

“‘Thank You, Year 11. The determination, resilience and good humour you all maintained through two incredibly difficult years has been extraordinary.

"Chichester High School staff are so proud of how you all tirelessly completed exams and assessments despite the challenges each of you faced on a daily basis.

"This year’s fantastic results are a product of your efforts; I hope you celebrate your performance with your families. You are all amazing."

Senior student president Luke Watson (right) will now be pursuing his passion for sport at Churcher’s College Sixth Form. Photo: Chichester High School
Headteacher Ms McKeown said students were all 'emotional and nervous' to adjust to the restrictions during the pandemic but 'coped brilliantly'. Photo: Chichester High School