Worthing High celebrates ‘fantastic’ GCSE results

Worthing High students celebrate their ‘outstanding’ GCSE results after an ‘extraordinary’ year.

By Lauren Oakley
Thursday, 12th August 2021, 12:44 pm

Year 11 pupils sat challenging assessments this year, and worked hard to ensure that any Covid related disruptions to their learning were minimised.

The school wanted to give a special announcement to the following students for achieving ‘outstanding results’: Trilby Baxter, Evie Bennett, Benjamin Carter, Skye Coleman, Archie Finch, Lottie French, James Lawrence, Thomas Leake, Georgie Odell, Anna Marie Perrett, Tom Simpson, Jamie Slater, and Daisy Woodford.

Headteacher at Worthing High, Pan Panayiotou, said: “It would be inappropriate to compare our school’s results against other schools, as this is about all schools focusing on what is right for their students and how we have supported them in their progression and mental wellbeing.

“This is what is fundamentally really important. I have had the pleasure of working with the class of 2021 for the last 5 years and they have been a phenomenal year group.

“I and my other staff will miss them a great deal and will celebrate their future successes as they continue on their educational journey. We wish them all the best.”

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