Worthing students build wind turbines as part of Brighton Science Festival

Enthusiastic young scientists from Durrington High School spent a day designing and building their own working miniature wind turbines.

Four key stage three classes were treated to a practical science lesson as part of the Brighton Science Festival, with Richard Robinson from University of Sussex and John Hare, a science communicator.

Students were tasked with building their own wind turbine, testing and improving it until it was able to power a calculator, LED light, buzzer or radio. The students really enjoyed modifying their designs in an effort to create more power, learning what worked and why as they did.

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Wind turbines and the power they generate are of particular interest to students at Durrington given that the Rampion wind farm is such a prominent feature of the landscape, so this was an opportunity for students to learn more about the science behind this alternative energy source.

Four classes took part in the Brighton Science Festival workshop

One year-seven student said: “It is really interesting learning about how the old technology informed the new technology to make the wind farm what it is today.”

The workshop was part of the Brighton Science Festival, established by Professor Richard Robinson ten years ago. The school workshops run throughout Sussex and are part of the festival’s outreach programme.

Michael Kyle, science teacher, said: “It is a fantastic opportunity for our students to participate in these workshops and have input from such passionate science experts such as Richard and John.

“The students are fully engaged as they learn through investigation, and you can see how proud they are when their wind turbines work. Workshops like this really help to spark a passion for science, which is something we can then continue in the classroom.”

Students from Upper Beeding working together to create their wind turbine

You can find out more about the Brighton Science Festival at www.brightonscience.com/engagement


Groups working on wind turbines