Youngsters worried about Trump and environment

The environment and Donald Trump are among the main issues which concern children, according to a new survey.

Youngsters are concerned about the potential extinction of the panda
Youngsters are concerned about the potential extinction of the panda

The research from the Explore Learning tuition centre was commissioned to promote the National Young Writers’ Awards, whose theme is ‘the future’, with the deadline for entries on Friday May 5.

Of the 1,000 4-14-year-olds who were interviewed, 870 said ‘saving the environment’ should be taught in schools, with the youngsters most concerned about the potential extinction of the panda, elephant and polar bear.

As for animals that are already extinct, almost a third of the children said they had never heard of the woolly mammoth, the dodo or the sabre-tooth tiger.

When it came to the current political situation, 860 of the children said they were worried about Donald Trump being President of the United States.

But it was not all doom and gloom.

Two-thirds believed they would live to be 100 - with 170 ambitious youngsters hoping to reach 200!

Their main hope for the future was to see a cure for cancer - though 260 were excited by the possibility of time travel and 100 wanted a driverless car.

Three-quarters believed human activity causes animal extinctions, while almost the same number fearing coral reefs could soon die off.

Steve Backshall, adventurer, environmentalist, author and TV presenter of Deadly 60, is judging this year's awards.

He said: "It’s heartening to know that so many children care about the impact that pollution is having on the world around us. We are incredibly lucky to have an amazing array of animals in this world and a beautiful planet to inhabit so it is of paramount importance for our future generations to look after them.

“I would certainly agree that saving the environment should be a top priority in schools.”

To enter the National Young Writers’ Awards, children need to write a story under 500 words that is set in the year 3017.

They can be sent to NYWA, Explore Learning, 74 North Street, Guildford, GU1 4AW or entered online at

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