CBD Oil UK: 6 Best CBD Oil Brands in the UK Reviewed

Consumer Logic Research looks at some of the CBD oil brands available in the UK.

Finding the best high quality CBD oil
Finding the best high quality CBD oil

Finding the best, high quality CBD oil is a challenge for many people in the UK, as the industry is still very new. People only recently started learning about how CBD can be a health product, which is why there are not as many established brands in the sector.

While finding quality CBD oil you can trust in high street shops is not easy, you can find some of the best CBD oils in the UK if you know where to look online.

The CBD oil you get from reputable manufacturers that sell their products online is made with high-quality hemp plants, can include other beneficial cannabinoids, an enhanced terpene profile and flavonoids, and has little to no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

CBD oils reviewed by Consumer Logic Research

If you want potential relief from cannabidiol, while avoiding any of the psychoactive effects you get from THC, then you should invest your money in products from any one of the six CBD brands outlined below.

The 6 best CBD oil products to try in the UK (2021)

A newcomer to the CBD industry, but growing rapidly in consumer popularity, Vibes CBD sells CBD capsules, CBD gummies and CBD oil. Their CBD oil comes in a 10mL bottle, and is available in more than one amount of CBD/strength.

Customers can choose between 1000 mg or 2000 mg of CBD, depending on how much they are planning to take on a given day. Their CBD oil is full-spectrum, and they use hemp seed oil as a carrier.

The benefits of CBD oil that includes terpenes and flavonoids are greater, compared to pure CBD oil or CBD isolate. That is why the best companies in the CBD industry want you to get the full spectrum effect from CBD oil (also known as the “entourage effect”).

If you are curious about the lab results of Vibes CBD oils, capsules or gummies, you can visit VibesCBD.co.uk for more details.

Blessed does not sell CBD isolate, but full-spectrum oil which contains CBG, CBDA and other cannabinoids that are missing from the isolate.

They use hemp seed oil as a carrier oil, which is very safe. Dosing is easy with their oil, as you can measure how much you are putting into your mouth through the dropper that comes with each bottle and the helpful beginner’s guide booklet.

Blessed CBD is a top pick, because they sell quality, non-GMO and gluten-free products at affordable prices.

You can visit the Blessed CBD website to view lab reports of its CBD oils.

3. Royal CBD

Royal CBD is a family business (based in the USA, Colorado) that sells full-spectrum CBD oil that comes from a cannabis sativa plant. That makes their product unique, as most CBD in the UK is hemp extract.

Buying a Royal CBD product is very different to getting a random CBD oil bottle from a high street shop. Not only are you getting powerful CBD, but a full-spectrum effect in your body.

They do not use any pesticides on the plants that produce their CBD, which means there will be no harmful side effects from regular use.

One of the unique aspects of their product line is that you can find special editions of CBD oils. Each edition represents a slightly different form of CBD, even though all of them can help you with issues such as chronic pain or anxiety.

The only downside is that delivery to the UK can take up to 14 days.

4. Excite CBD

Excite CBD has an enviable reputation in the UK CBD market for producing high-quality CBD oil products. Their CBD oil tinctures are contained in secure and stylish bottles, and they come in different strengths and sizes.

The CBD oil UK you buy from Excite CBD is full spectrum, which means that it will produce the entourage effect in your body. Excite CBD oil contains CBDA, CBG and other phytocannabinoids, not only CBD.

Their extraction method is low pressure (ethanol extraction) and very safe, while they have food supplement labeling on all their oil bottles. You can also view lab results on the Excite CBD website for peace of mind that no herbicides or pesticides are present in their CBD products.

Excite CBD also sells CBD vaping e-liquid, which you can use with your vape pen. Vaping CBD e-liquid is useful when you are taking CBD for chronic pain, as you can feel those potential health benefits in your body within seconds. Excite CBD’s e-liquid should work with nearly every low voltage CBD vape pen.

5. Beliebis

Beliebis UK has a reputation for producing some of the best broad-spectrum CBD oils in the UK market. They are a family run operation that uses a low pressure supercritical CO2 extraction process to get CBD oil from the hemp plant.

The owner of the company has personal experience with CBD, as they discovered how their endocannabinoid system could help them through a life-changing injury. Beliebis prides itself on having high-quality products that also present value for money.

Every Beliebis CBD oil that you buy is blended with MCT oil, which is the best way to mix in CBD for maximum absorption in the body. You can also expect the full entourage effect from their oil, as it includes cannabinoids like CBDA and CBDV.

6. Love Hemp

If you are shopping for unique CBD products, then Love Hemp is the ideal CBD company for you. They not only sell some of the best hemp CBD oil on the market, but they also have CBD creams, CBD gummies, CBD cosmetics, and CBD chocolates.

Customer reviews prove that Love Hemp has a stellar reputation within the UK market, as their CBD oil comes from the very best hemp plants. They do not use any additives or non-GMOs, which results in a safe and flavorful oil.

When you buy from Love Hemp, you are getting some of the highest quality oil that is available. Their oil drops come in different strengths, including 600 mg, 1200 mg, and 3000 mg of CBD.

Breaking down CBD regulations and laws in the UK

Understanding regulations surrounding the cannabis plant can be very challenging, as there are separate laws for CBD and THC products. Cannabis oil made from cannabis indica or sativa (which contains high amounts of THC) are banned in the United Kingdom and other places in Europe – even for medical use.

Many states in the USA, such as Colorado and California, have changed their laws and recreational marijuana is now entirely legal. But while the Cannabis Trades Association is working towards better CBD education and awareness in Europe, such processes can take many years or decades before producing effective results.

Those who live in the UK and want quality CBD oil will be happy to know that CBD is 100% legal. The UK has regulations limiting the THC content that can be present in CBD products - the present limit is 1 mg of THC per product.

The range of products sold by reputable CBD companies does not contain meaningful quantities of THC. Third-party lab results verify that information, which is why you can consume such CBD products and still pass marijuana drug tests.

In order for CBD products to be sold legally in the UK, they must also be sold only as a health or food supplement, with no medical claims on health benefits

Avoid cheap CBD oil drops that don’t work

By investing in high quality, broad-spectrum CBD (with trace amounts of THC) or full-spectrum CBD oils, you get the full entourage effect each time you consume a drop of oil.

The risks of buying poor quality CBD oil go beyond low CBD content. Lesser quality products may contain harmful solvents or additives, while you may even suffer health problems/side effects due to the way they extracted the CBD oil from hemp plants.

If you care about yourself and want all the myriad of potential benefits from CBD oil, then you must purchase quality oils, gummies, creams or e-liquids from the top sellers on the UK market. These companies put a lot of work into carefully growing or sourcing hemp plants, and then use proven, safe methods to extract CBD, terpenes, flavonoids and other elements of the hemp plant.