Celebrity coach and walking therapist launches second Walk and Talk, raising money for mental health organisations in Sussex

Celebrity coach and walking therapist Steve McKeown is hoping to build on the success of last year’s inaugural Walk and Talk campaign adventure with his second annual trek for MindFixers and other mental health organisations in Sussex.

Drummer Charlie Stanley from The Ordinary Boys and personal trainer Phil Burman will be joining Steve and other celebrities for the 100-mile walk from Eastbourne to Winchester in April.

Steve, a psychoanalyst and hypnotherapist from Littlehampton, has helped a number of international celebrities over the years. He also runs The McKeown Clinic in Salvington Road, Worthing.

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For this year’s Walk and Talk, he has linked with the Beachy Head Chaplaincy Team (BHCT), a valued search and rescue charity that seeks to save lives at Beachy Head in East Sussex.

Last year's Walk and Talk reaches Shoreham, from left, John Gooden, Steve McKeown and Phil Burman

Steve said: “We are walking to offer support on the move and to raise funds for excellent Sussex-based causes, as well as awareness for the growing mental health epidemic we are currently facing.

“As in 2019, this is no ordinary walk because we will be inviting people and celebrities to walk and talk about their own mental health issues, providing therapy and support along the way, making it available for those that need it most and for as far as their feet will take them.

“Our primary aim is to help remove the stigma associated with mental health and talking about it. Nobody should ever feel alone and isolated. We feel that fundraising for MindFixers and BHCT is the best place to start.

“All donations will help make a huge impact on those that suffer the effects of poor mental health.”

The walk will be over four days from Friday, April 3, to Monday, April 6, and the target is to raise £10,000.

The team is inviting people to join them to talk about their mental health struggles and issues along the way.

To find out where to join the walkers, follow Steve McKeown the mind guru on Facebook.

MindFixers is a not-for-profit organisation and its 12-hour programme, spread over six weeks, provides therapy for almost any mental condition.

Steve said: “Accessibility is the key and MindFixers will enable thousands of people who would otherwise be denied therapy the ability to fix their mental issues, fast, quickly and expertly.

“Through private funding, grants and sponsorship, very generous subsidies are provided for benefits claimants or anybody who is economically challenged, with free spaces available for the homeless. Waiting times for referrals are almost non-existent.”

Visit www.gofundme.com/f/walkandtalkcampaign for more information.