“Changing my mindset from drugs to writing”

Crowborough author Aimee Silver is in print with Do I Know You? (Olympia Publishers, £7.99) as she changes her “mindset from drugs to writing.”


Aimee, aged 31, said: “I wrote the book when I was trying to give up drugs and sort my life out. I never intended to write a book but once I had, I felt it could possibly help someone else who was trying to better their lives as well. I wish I had planned it, but I just chose to change my mindset from drugs to writing. I think people will be able to relate to my writing as it is real and I think drugs are a big factor in our society whether we chose to talk openly about them or not. The want for a better life was my inspiration and the loss of a very dear family member. It made me want to try to be better and try harder in my life and so I ended up with this book.

“There are sequels. I have already written them but I am waiting to see if the world is keen to hear the rest of Anna’s story. This is my first book but there will be many more. I have had a couple of poems published before but never a book. Creating is second nature to me and I love to write. F rom a young age I have written and I studied creative writing at university.”

In the book, Anna's life is a mess. Addicted to drugs and stuck in a dead-end job with a nightmare boss, it's hard for Anna to see how things can ever improve. Then, in a drug- filled haze one night, Anna meets the mysterious and alluring Xavier. Soon she finds the course of her life changed forever. Anna will have to discover inner strength she never knew she posse ssed.