Closure of day care services has long-term consequences

More than six months since the closure of day care services at Warwick House in Seaford, it is clear that there are long-term consequences.

Sunday, 9th June 2019, 6:14 pm
Warwick House in Seaford.
Warwick House in Seaford.

Despite the best efforts of adult social care professionals, the lives of Warwick House clients and their carers have been made more difficult than they should be by extended travelling times, a shortage of mini-bus places and overcrowded settings: factors which have led in some cases to less day care or no day care at all.

And of course all those who are newly in need of these services are not finding it easy to secure places, or places and transport, to the two surviving day care centres in Lewes and Eastbourne.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that purpose-built premises, opened alongside the new library and the assisted living flats in 2014, are still standing empty.

East Sussex County Council would do well to engage with Seaford residents on the subject of these wasted resources and – as a start – there is one simple action that surely involves little more than good will and a bit of thought: re-opening the only Changes Places toilet between Brighton & Eastbourne.

This was formerly accessible to the public, at least during Day Care hours, but is now locked away inside Warwick House.

Surely, with the help of both librarians and those who support the residents of the flats, it should be possible to liberate this scandalously rare facility and return it to those whose dignity, comfort and desire to be out and about in the world should be recognised and respected.

Christine Platford.

Seaford, Newhaven, Alfriston & Polegate Labour Party.

Co-ordinator of the Warwick House Users’ Support Group