How many people in Mid Sussex are being 'pinged' by the Covid app

The number of people in Mid Sussex who were 'pinged' by the Covid app has seen a huge increase in the last week.

NHS figures show 1139 people were alerted via the app in the seven days to June 30. It was 1847 in the seven days to July 7 – a 62 per cent increase.

At Prime Minister’s Questions on July 7, Labour leader Keir Starmer warned that large numbers of people could soon be asked to self-isolate, with major consequences for businesses.

He said: “How many people will be asked to self-isolate if there are 100,000 cases a day?”

More people are being advised to isolate

Last week, luxury car maker Rolls-Royce said it was ‘extremely concerned’ by the number of employees at its West Sussex site being ‘forced to self-isolate’ by the NHS Covid app. Read more here.

Horsham also saw increases in the number of people receiving alerts from the Covid app, with an 87 per cent jump – 1385 people were ‘pinged’ in the seven days to July 7. The number was 737 the previous week.

And Crawley saw a 77 per cent rise, with 486 people alerted in the week to June 30, rising to 860 in the week to July 7.