Check your Covid immunity and stay safe

A simple new test is taking the guesswork out of Covid-19 by helping individuals better understand how well their body is placed to fight it off.

Prof Andrew Shaw, CEO & Founder of Attomarker & Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Exeter.
Prof Andrew Shaw, CEO & Founder of Attomarker & Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry at the University of Exeter.

The highly effective test, which reveals in just a few minutes what level of immunity an individual has, is now available by appointment at Meyer Clinic in Chichester.

It means that anyone concerned about whether their Covid-19 jab or booster is working, or who wants to check whether they have had the virus already, can find out almost instantly where they stand.

The test has been developed by a University of Exeter medical technology spin-out company, Attomarker Ltd, and uses a single drop of blood to analyse antibody levels for three different elements of Covid-19, as well as individual inflammation levels.

A patient result being generated in real-time on the benchtop device. Results are generated in just 7 minutes.

The results can show whether a person has lasting protection from their vaccination jab, and also indicate whether they have had the virus, providing a comprehensive, individual Covid-19 profile.

Armed with that important information, individuals can feel confident they are antibody positive, bringing peace of mind that they can plan their festive period and spend time with loved ones as normal.

Or, if the outcome shows their immunity is negative, they can then either plan a booster jab or exercise caution during the difficult winter ahead.

The Attomarker Triple Antibody Test for Covid-19 test underwent comprehensive trials at St Thomas’ in London and has been fully approved by the MRHA.

It has already been used by members of the public at clinics across England, including Exeter, Tamworth, Birmingham and in Harley St, London.

Prof Andrew Shaw, CEO & Founder of Attomarker, said: “We are all individuals, and one person’s response to the various Coronavirus vaccines can be different to the next.

“Some don’t develop sufficient antibodies in the first place, or their antibody levels might decline more rapidly than expected, which can compromise their protection from Covid-19.

“Others respond really well and have long-lasting antibodies. Our test can also reveal if people have had Covid-19 in previous months and so have some additional natural immunity.

“Knowing where you stand means you can make better informed decisions about booster jabs and the level of precautions they take to keep themselves safe.

“That’s particularly important during this busy winter period..”

The blood test is simple and quick. Medically trained staff then discuss the findings, which are also provided in a detailed print-out to take away as well as on the dedicated iOS app, Biomark.

A private Covid-19 antibody test consultation at the Meyer Clinic usually costs £125, however, it is currently available for an introductory period for just £99.

To find out more and to book your appointment at the Meyer Clinic, call 01243 771455 or visit