New Covid-19 vaccine centre to open in Rye

A new Covid vaccination centre is set to open this week in Rye.

It will be located at the Tilling Green Community Centre in Mason Road.

The facility will be launched tomorrow (Thursday, May 27), organisers said.

Anthony Kimber, leader of Rye Emergency Action Community Team (REACT), said: “Since the start of the vaccination programme people in Rye and district have mostly had to travel 20 miles to Etchingham for jabs.

The new vaccination centre will be at the Tilling Green Community Centre SUS-210524-130817001

“As a result, we have been discussing with the NHS at various levels the possibility of providing a vaccination facility closer to Rye. Work has had the support of MP Sally-Ann Hart and Rye Mayor, Cllr Rebekah Gilbert.

“Last week, NHS England which approves all pharmacy-led facilities, approved the funding of a Rye Covid vaccine service, to be established in the Tilling Green Community Centre by pharmacists from Ticehurst and St Leonards, Hardik Desai and Ankit Tyagi.

“This new facility will draw on the experience of the Ticehurst Vaccination Centre, which has a similar structure to that now planned for Rye. It will deliver the Pfizer vaccine to those who book via the NHS National Booking Service.

“The NHS is providing the special equipment for the Pfizer vaccine as it demands very low cold storage and careful handling.

“The vaccine has a five-day life, including delivery, before it time expires. It has to be delivered in quantities of just under 1,200 doses. This means vaccinations of from 400 to 600 per day. Once prepared on site, the vaccine has to be used before expiry.

“As there are some patients who fail to attend appointments, a local ‘end of the day’ booking list will ensure that no vaccine is wasted.

“There have already been video conferences for early volunteers to discuss the organisation of the facility.”

The Rye facility is looking for volunteers.

Organisers are asking people to spread the word and provide names to [email protected] or to the REACT (@ryeact) or Ryepfizer (@ryepfizer) Facebook pages, or to 07414 617484 or 07984 930315.

Individuals will then be contacted, added to Whatsapp and briefed for role.

Organisers said the Rye site will be an option on the NHS National Booking Site for people to have the vaccine.