St Leonards school partially closes due to Covid

A school has partially closed today (Monday, November 29) due to Covid.

In a letter to parents, which was sent to the Observer, The St Leonards Academy said there had been ‘a number of Covid-19 cases’ within the school community, with others awaiting confirmation.

The letter said: “Due to the current safety procedures in place, this has resulted in significant numbers of staff having to isolate.

“Unfortunately, we have now reached a point we we can no longer operate onsite provision safely due to the numbers of teaching and support staff who are absent.

St Leonards Academy. SUS-190618-171502001

“Following discussions with relevant authorities, it is with regret that the Trust has decided to partially close The St Leonards Academy to students in years 9 and 10 - not including the children of critical workers and identified students on Monday, November 29.

Students in years 9 and 10 will be required to stay at home and access learning remotely on chass charts.”