This is what Crawley residents will be doing as Freedom Day arrives and restrictions lift

Freedom Day has arrived - but will people in Crawley be going out and throwing caution to the wind?

If readers on our Facebook page are anything to go by, the answer is categorically no.

We posed the question 'It's 'Freedom Day'! What is the first thing you are going to do that you couldn't before the restrictions were lifted?' this morning and the majority of responders said they would not change what they have been doing.

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Will the town centre be getting busier again with restrictions lifting further?

Alison Jennifer posted: "Avoid as many people as possible. I've loved lockdown. Turns out I hate people!!"

Toni-Louise Carter posted: "I'll still be wearing my mask in super markets etc."

Nicky Rich Lobow said: "Nothing, we are carrying on as we have been for the last 18 months."

Julie Lynch said: "No different, just a big Hype, will continue to stay safe and my family."

Chaz Harris said: "Y’all - just cause you *can* doesn’t mean you should. Wear a mask, keep your distance, and wash your hands!"

Freya Hussey posted: "Double jabbed or not at all, people can still be asymptomatic and transmit. We are in a worse position now than before, so I will be being weary of those who now think it's all over."

David Rouson said: "Carry on wearing a mask, staying away from crowds, nothing has happened to make me change my behaviour."

Ian Townsend said: "Working in public transport and having to travel on it, I’m going to be sitting in a giant Petri dish taking part in a government sponsored science experiment. I’ve already got a double-jabbed friend with a similar respiratory condition to mine currently in intensive care, and I’m hoping I don’t end up joining him. I understand why we’d relax some of the rules at this point, but this situation is typical of the way the government has handled the entire pandemic. Who’d have thought that a Matt Lucas impression of Johnson would turn out to be a documentary?"

Katie Louise said: "Nothing will be changing for me. Still wearing my mask so I can mutter expletives to idiots, and still staying as far away from people as possible."

But one positive response was from Nick Rappson. He said: "Skinny dip in crawley town water jets."

What do you think? Email us with your thoughts about restrictions lifting at [email protected]