This is why Horsham people will carry on wearing facemasks

‘We’ll keep wearing our masks’ - that’s the message from people in Horsham as ‘Freedom Day’ arrived this week.

The Government has now lifted almost all legal restrictions on social contact but people in Horsham are reacting with caution.

The West Sussex County Times asked on its Facebook page: Will you continue wearing a mask in shops and public places? And the answer was a resounding ‘Yes.’

The majority of responders said they wanted to protect both themselves and others from the virus.

Most people in Horsham say they will continue to wear facemasks when out shopping

Lucinda Barton confirmed she would maintain wearing a mask, saying: “Despite a double vaccine there is a chance I could still pass it on to someone vulnerable. “It doesn’t cause me any harm to wear, so why not!”

Morwen Millson said: “Now we know that masks help prevent transmission, why wouldn’t we?”

Caroline Tamburin-Scott posted: “Literally put mine on for the school drop without thinking about it. I also work in a supermarket so I’m going to keep wearing it there too when I work, and as a customer.

“I think they should still be mandatory. The Govt is asking for trouble dropping pretty much everything.”

Margaret Holden confirmed she would keep wearing a mask. “Absolutely inside shops, sanitise and keep distance everywhere.”

And Donna T Reddin added: “Definitely! Cases are on the increase!”

Louise Young said: “I hate wearing a mask to go shopping in but I feel for those who work in shops so will continue to wear a mask to protect them.”

Emma Skeates said: “The virus didn’t just get deported today.

“There are people with transplants, cancer, immuno compromised out there. They are at risk. I’m not gonna put them in danger.x”

Margaret Blackaller added: “My husband is vulnerable so will continue as long as needed. Pandemic is still here and shows no sign of getting better.”☹️

Stephanie Grant said she would definitely keep wearing her mask, adding: “Just heard of the death of a vaccinated 40 year old - from Covid.”

Steven Peskett said he had worn his mask while shopping. “I did so today in Tesco in Broadbridge Heath and was pleased to see the vast majority also doing the same.”

Holly Stone pointed out: “I will continue to practice safely and will wear a mask when out! It’s ironic that on ‘freedom day’ there are more children isolating in their rooms (to protect their families) than ever before‍- and we wonder why there’s a surge in poor mental health behaviours.”

David Morley said:”I may even leave shops where there are people without masks.”

Emma Louise O’Reilly said: “I’m going to continue with everything I’ve been doing. The pandemic is still here!”

But there were some people who disagreed. Odei HM said: “It’s sad to see how many people will still use the mask. Wake up!”

And Kate Tiley said: “I’m choosing not to wear one. Masks don’t stop Covid. And have little protection. The plastic waste however must be soaring and that’s scary for a whole other reason.”