Day of reflection a chance to pause and look back ‘with sadness and pride’

East Sussex County Council’s leader has thanked everyone who has helped in the response to the pandemic over the past year ahead of a national day of reflection.

During lockdowns people have displayed rainbows in their windows
During lockdowns people have displayed rainbows in their windows

Today (Tuesday March 23) marks a year since the country entered its first lockdown.

A minute’s silence is being held at noon as part of a national day of reflection organised by charity Marie Curie.

Yesterday, East Sussex County Council leader Keith Glazier said: “Tomorrow it will be a year since the whole country first went into lockdown to try and protect everyone from the spread of coronavirus.

“We know that, sadly, it hasn’t been possible to protect everyone and that’s one reason why a national day of reflection is being held tomorrow (23 March).

“I’m sure many people in East Sussex will use the day to pause and look back; perhaps with sadness, perhaps with pride at what’s been achieved in the most difficult of years. Or probably, like me, a mixture of both.

“Most of all I’d like to thank all the people in our county who’ve helped over the past year.

“By which I mean, just about all of us. Workers in social care, the NHS, emergency services and public health, people who’ve kept schools, shops, transport and other essential services running, unpaid carers and volunteers – or simply good neighbours and friends.

“It hasn’t been easy (it still isn’t) but I feel so encouraged when I see the efforts people make to work together in our communities and protect each other. Thank you.

“If we keep this up, and as more of us get our jabs, I’m certain that cases of the virus here will continue to fall.

“And if that happens, we have every reason to think tomorrow’s chance to reflect will be quickly followed by the start of a return to better times in East Sussex.”