Efforts to combat loneliness in Worthing boosted by West Sussex live-in care provider

Efforts to combat loneliness in Worthing have been further boosted with sponsorship by a West Sussex live-in care provider.

Promedica24 West Sussex has partnered with both Dementia Friendly Worthing and The Glamour Club to help tackle social exclusion in the town.

The company has sponsored The Glamour Club since it was launched by Janice Moth in 2018 and helped members to celebrate the fifth anniversary with a party at St Stephen's Church in Broadwater.

The club's vintage-themed parties take place bimonthly on Saturday afternoons to give people 'a great night out during the day'. In the past five years, it more than 1,400 guests have been entertained and served afternoon by 325 volunteers.

The anniversary event saw 60 guests enjoy three hours of fun with a vintage Hollywood theme, afternoon tea, live entertainment, dancing and socialising. There were moving speeches from guests who had attended every event since the start, explaining how much the club has meant to them.

Flora Gritti said The Glamour Club gave her the 'strength to say goodbye to loneliness and isolation' by warmly welcoming her with smiling faces, dancing and music. Flora said the friends she had met had made 'going out no longer difficult' and she now looked forward to each event.

Promedica24 has also recently sponsored a future care planning event hosted by Dementia Friendly Worthing to help residents affected by the syndrome and enable them to speak directly with professionals.

More than 50 people attended the free event at Worthing Pavilion Bowling Club and all were eager to learn more about the different care options available.

Jo White-Smith, franchise partner, spoke about the live-in care services provided by Promedica24 which enable people to remain in their own homes and maintain their independence.

She said: "As a local business, there is nothing more important to us than supporting our local community – whether to plan for their care, or to help them overcome loneliness and social isolation. We are very proud to have partnered with and sponsored two such great organisations as Dementia Friendly Worthing and The Glamour Club. I want to thank everyone who attended both these events and we hope they were helpful.”

Chris White-Smith, franchise partner, added: "As live-in care providers, we know how important it is to plan ahead for your care and avoid having to take rushed last-minute decisions. We were very happy to speak to everyone at Dementia Friendly Worthing’s event and give them more information about our live-in care services.

"We also know that everyone can struggle with loneliness sometimes, and this is why events like The Glamour Club, which allow people to connect and socialise with each other, are essential to the wellbeing of our community.”