How embracing home care made a difference and changed our lives

Providing outstanding homecare, Guardian Angel Carers works with families to ensure their loved ones receive all the care they need.
Mr John Widdop with his carers Coaral Gotham, Hannerie Keyser in lilac tunics and Sharon Prendergas celebrating his 90th birthdayMr John Widdop with his carers Coaral Gotham, Hannerie Keyser in lilac tunics and Sharon Prendergas celebrating his 90th birthday
Mr John Widdop with his carers Coaral Gotham, Hannerie Keyser in lilac tunics and Sharon Prendergas celebrating his 90th birthday

Whether it’s a morning cuppa, or live in care, Guardian Angel Carers is just a phone call away to help your family in Worthing, Bognor Regis, Chichester, Fareham and Gosport. We hear from three clients who receive compassionate care from the company’s CareAngels, who share the difference it makes to their lives.

Truly blessed

Christina Coleman, 83, said: “Due to some underlying long-term health problems and living alone, I have been able to cope during these difficult months with the help of Guardian Angel Carers. My area care manager has constantly been a source of kind, understanding capability in choosing three AngelCarers who look after me, showing high standards of care, kindness, respect, loyalty and trust, combined with common sense and a good working knowledge of my medical condition and needs.

Towela Mwambazi, live in carerTowela Mwambazi, live in carer
Towela Mwambazi, live in carer

“To have the consistency of regular visits has enabled me to feel totally at ease and safe in their company. These CareAngels have become friends, without being intrusive. I feel they have become almost members of my family as I have no close family living near to me. I am truly blessed by having three very special CareAngels in my life. Guardian Angel Carers are worth more than gold.”

A service we can rely on

Jacqui Bukbardis shares her family’s story after her uncle John Widdop started receiving care in March 2019, which includes morning, lunch, teatime and assistance to bed.

She said: “When your team first joined our family to help provide care and support for our elderly uncle we were faced with sudden challenge due to the onset of mild dementia. In a matter of months, he became bed-bound and his life dramatically changed.

“We have overcome many challenges with team effort, involving flexibility, creativity, humour and expertise. We want to thank you sincerely for supporting the difficult shifts and changes, which includes his sudden and shocking loss of mobility and for being with us throughout all his radiotherapy cancer care. One never knows personally what’s in the mix of family life just around the corner and this year has been no exception with our house move, career shifts, personal illness and the wonderful surprise of a grandson due in the spring! We embrace the changes knowing we can lean and rely upon Guardian Angel Carers to keep the wheels in motion, even under all the added pressure of this present day challenge of COVID 19.

“Thank you for enabling us as a family to ride the waves of change and enjoy these special and memorable years we all share.”

A massive relief

Jane Lomax shared how Guardian Angel Carers has improved the lives of her parents, and said: “From our perspective as a family, having live in carers has made a huge difference. The medication and personal care that both my parents are receiving from Towela and Marilou is invaluable. Both Mum and Dad are more mobile, healthier and now living to the best their age and conditions permit. There has been a significant improvement in their health and wellbeing since the AngelCarers moved in. It took some time before Mum and Dad got used to AngelCarers, but it has been well worth it in every aspect of their lives and ours. Towela and Marilou are part of the family, both are real characters that we enjoy as part of the household.

“For my sister and I, having live in carers means we can be daughters more of the time again and is a massive relief of pressure. I highly recommend using Guardian Angel Carers’ live in carers, the support is fantastic. We also love the richness their backgrounds brings to the household with plenty of stories, some great cooking and a good sense of humour!”

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