Introducing fast food outlets to Lewes is a regressive step

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I have worked in nutrition and health globally for 35 years, including with the World Health Organization.

One of the reasons I chose to live in Lewes (when I returned to the UK in 2012) was its progressive approach to community and environmental health and wellbeing and the fact that it was not overrun by fast-food outlets like so many other towns.

The UK is in the midst of an obesity epidemic – largely driven by transnational companies peddling junk food, at low prices. Unlike other towns, Lewes stands out, as it does not have an ‘obesogenic environment’.

In this context, it is a completely regressive move in 2019 to consider opening your doors to junk food retailers. The health consequences will be massive, and they will overwhelm the fragile NHS system in the town.

I was shocked when I first heard of this proposal, and I completely object to it, as I believe do the majority of the population in Lewes.

Relatedly, it is not clear why the comments page on the SDNPA website is currently inactive.

Dr Stuart Gillespie

Institute of Development Studies

Library Road