Looking after our carers is at the heart of what we do, to enable them to care for you

Guardian Angel Carers provides outstanding homecare, from a morning cuppa to supper for clients who want to stay in their own homes from Worthing, Bognor Regis and Chichester to Fareham and Gosport.
Emily Lee, Bubble Team Leader, receiving a gift from Santa Clare Walsh, Chichester Branch ManagerEmily Lee, Bubble Team Leader, receiving a gift from Santa Clare Walsh, Chichester Branch Manager
Emily Lee, Bubble Team Leader, receiving a gift from Santa Clare Walsh, Chichester Branch Manager

Not only do we compassionately care for our clients morning and night, we also care for our CareAngels. At the end of a socially-challenging year and to bring some festive cheer,

Guardian Angel Carers has a festive theme at each of its branches located at Goring-By-Sea, Chichester and Stubbington to thank its CareAngels individually for their commitment, dedication and compassionate care.

The socially-distanced celebrations will enable our CareAngels to visit their local branch for a warming hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, a friendly chat and to receive their Montezuma’s advent calendar.

Montezuma's advent calendarMontezuma's advent calendar
Montezuma's advent calendar

Emily Lee, team leader, said: “Guardian Angel Carers does what it says on the tin. I love my job, a happy team of CareAngels leads to happy clients.”

Guardian Angel Carers recruits CareAngels who believe in our values of being professional, friendly, reliable and compassionate.

Richard Fairbrass, 52, an ex-builder who has become a CareAngel in Chichester, said: “I saw an advert for personal care assistants. I’d been doing this for the past six months for my partner, who needed post-operative care and I found I enjoyed care-giving. It was so me and my empathy towards others. I now had a new purpose to pursue. Instead of saying ‘I built that’, I can now say ‘I help people’.

“I enjoy getting up ready for work, knowing full well I’m going to make a difference to someone’s day. Clients enjoy the visits and they look forward to you coming. To see a smile is by far the best bonus I’ve ever had. I never appreciated what a carer’s role actually is. Now I’m proud to say that I’m part of it.”

Experience is not necessary. After recruitment, the focus is on training and ongoing support to help CareAngels develop in their role with knowledge and confidence.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, all recruitment and training takes place virtually and CareAngels are supplied with all the relevant PPE to keep themselves and their clients safe.

Clients are cared for within a ‘support bubble’ of a minimum number of CareAngels, allowing client and CareAngel to build a good and consistent rapport.

Guardian Angel Carers strives to ensure its CareAngels always feel supported, valued and listened to for their ideas and involvement in the delivery of outstanding care.

CareAngels are recognised monthly and at the yearly Angel Awards – the company’s version of the Oscars.

Next month, we’ll hear more about our clients’ stories of how Guardian Angel Carers’ team of CareAngels has made a difference to their lives.

Please call Guardian Angel Carers on 01243 216416 - option 1 for a friendly chat, if you’re considering the need for care or 01243 216416 option 4 for recruitment if you’d like to become a CareAngel. Or visit www.gacarers.co.uk

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