Horsham mum praises ‘inspiring’ son, 10, as fundraiser launches ahead of kidney transplant and gruelling 3 month isolation

A mum has praised her ‘inspiring’ son ahead of his lifesaving kidney transplant on his 11th birthday.

Becky Batchelor, from Kingsfold, will enter a gruelling isolation period which could last up to three months with her son Toby after the major surgery is completed next month.

The isolation is to keep Toby safe after the operation as his immune system will be suppressed by medication which stops his body rejecting the organ donated by his dad Geoff, a farmer.

Becky, a teaching assistant, said: “He’s an amazing little soul. Absolute inspiration.”

Toby, Max and some of Toby's Titans

Toby’s schooling faced serious disruption due to the isolation, but thanks to a robot borrowed from another youngster which sits in the classroom he will be able to participate in lessons.

And now Toby’s family and friends are fundraising under the collective Toby’s Titans to buy a robot to help both him and other pupils in the future.

The fundraiser said: “We would love to acquire an AV1 Robot and corresponding software so that Toby can ‘virtually’ be in the classroom participating in lessons, lunchtimes and break times with his classmates during his isolation period.

“The beauty of this system is that the user cannot be seen.

Toby is waiting to have a kidney transplant.

“After Toby’s transplant when he is hooked up to multiple tubes/machines and he is ‘not looking his best’ he can still join in with the class lessons and conversations.

“The AV1 Robot enables the child to hear and speak to their friends. It allows Toby to follow the same work as his classmates, which otherwise would not happen.”

The AV1 Robot costs around £4,000 plus an additional annual subscription fee for the use or the software. So far the campaign has raised more than £1,000 and once the robot has been bought they hope it can be loaned out to other pupils in need.

Currently Toby is on dialysis six nights a week for ten hours after his transplant was delayed due to covid.

Becky, 41, said: “We were never meant to start dialysis. Because of covid we have to go on dialysis.”

His family have to make multiple trips to Southampton Hospital for his treatment.

Becky also praised Toby’s younger brother Max. She said: “It has been really hard for him going through this, we, his parents are often not able to give him the time he deserves and he is such a special little boy, so supportive of his brother and has been there by his side throughout his treatments so far, due to covid isolation the next few months will be just as hard on him.”

Ahead of the operation Toby and his family all must isolate for ten days to make sure he doesn’t pick up any infections which could jeopardise the operation.

Afterwards, Toby will stay in hospital for months recovering, using the robot to take part in lessons.

He hopes to compete in the Transplant Games in the future after he recovers.

To donate to Toby’s Titans see https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/tobys-titans