Smokers in South-East creating hundreds of tonnes of waste every day

Smokers in the South-East create around two tonnes of waste every day as they consume approximately 11.4 million cigarettes, roughly with ten million filtered.

This represents 621 tonnes of cigarette waste annually, of which 261 tonnes is categorised as street litter, according to

Enough to fill an Olympic swimming pool every year!

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The South-East is followed by London (611 tonnes of cigarette waste annually; 257 tonnes discarded as street litter) and the North-West (586 tonnes of cigarette waste annually; 246 tonnes discarded as street litter.)

Discarded cigarette butts amount to 11 tonnes of waste daily SUS-190117-140247001

Comparably, discovered the region least guilty of discarding cigarettes on the street, is the North-East. The North East contributes 224 tonnes of cigarette waste annually, of which 94 tonnes is discarded as street litter; 167 tonnes less than in the South East!

The information is according to the “Ready Reckoner” tool created by

Charles Bloom, managing director of, exclusively commented: “Cigarette waste is a huge problem. Today, consumers are more conscious of waste than ever before. Now, people think twice before purchasing a plastic bottle or disposable coffee cup – even a straw – and the very same mentality should be applied to cigarette butts.

“Of course, not only is the filter component damaging to the environment, but the nicotine, formaldehyde, arsenic, ammonia and other chemicals found in cigarettes are damaging too.

“Damaging to our wildlife, dangerous to our children and harmful to society; we have a responsibility to recognise this is a problem too big to ignore.”