The NHS Food Scanner app now has a new feature to help kids choose healthier snacks

A new NHS Food Scanner app feature offering better alternatives for a healthier diet has launched.

The free app previously gave nutritional information on food, but from Monday (10 January) it now also offers swap suggestions.

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It comes as the Government launched its new Better Health campaign last week to offer free support and guidance to those working towards a healthier weight.

What are the latest figures?

New figures reveal two-thirds of parents gave their children sweeter and fattier treats during lockdown, causing child obesity statistics to skyrocket.

More than a quarter (27.7%) of children of reception school age are overweight or obese, along with 40.9% of children aged 10-11, according to the latest data.

Nadine Coyle, former Girls Aloud singer, is backing the NHS Food Scanner app which suggests healthier alternatives to products scanned via barcode.

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Coyle said "As a busy working mum, I find it hard to say no to my kid’s demands and often give in to “snack” pressure – even though I know it’s not that good for them.

"I had no idea some foods were so high in sugar, saturated fat and salt, so it’s great this App gives you alternatives.

"I love using the NHS Food Scanner App and so does my daughter; she likes choosing the healthier swaps which is great - we are already making small changes through good food choices."

New NHS app helping kids choose healthier snacks launches todayNew NHS app helping kids choose healthier snacks launches today
New NHS app helping kids choose healthier snacks launches today

What has been said about the app?

A survey conducted with Netmums found nearly 90% of parents said they would benefit from an app that would help them make healthier choices for their children.

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Nearly two thirds (64%) of parents said they often worry about how healthy their children's snacks really are.

Dr Linia Patel, a dietitian, said: "We know that parents find it really hard to find healthier snacks for their kids, especially if they’re fussy eaters.

"The NHS Food Scanner App is a fun way to get the kids involved in choosing healthier foods that they’ll love - so get going and scan, swipe, swap!

The NHS Food Scanner app provides parents with the ideal hack to improve their children's health in 2022. The free app can be found by searching for "Food Scanner App" which is compatible with IOS and Android.

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