Cavendish House. Hastings SUS-211103-150018001Cavendish House. Hastings SUS-211103-150018001
Cavendish House. Hastings SUS-211103-150018001

11 Hastings buildings that divide opinion - eyesore or a contemporary classic?

We all love Hastings’ beautiful coastal setting and its wonderful historic architecture.

But, some buildings are less pleasing on the eye. However, bold concrete structures which some view as blots on the landscape are seen as modern classics by others with as much merit as the faded grandeur of the Regency terraces.

Our Facebook friends shared their views.

Deborah Ripley said: “The Poundstretcher building that replaced the Castle Hotel. Unbelievably horrible and ugly.” Martin Deaves added: “Surely Queensbury House at the top of Havelock Road has to be the ugliest in town. Anything would be a better welcome to coming in by train and seeing that.” Martina Kelly said: “The whole of Priory Meadow should be knocked down and redone. It is so dated and pointless. It should be rebuilt like the eastbourne one with new shops and restaurants.” Mary Davies added: “Knock down the old Eversfield Chest Hospital in West Hill Road. It has been left empty for years.” Lucy Still said: “Ocean House and replace it with a replica cinema that it replaced.”

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