Barcombe Bridge - petition to protect wildlife corridor

A Barcombe Bridge petition calling for independent ecological assessment and safeguarding of dismantled railway wildlife corridors has already secured more than 1,000 signatures.

Campaigners earlier this year
Campaigners earlier this year

A spokesperson said: “This petition is important.

“We’ve come a long way with our campaign in Barcombe, with National Highways having moved from saying that concrete & aggregate infill was both their “preferred option” and “urgently needed” to now saying they “do not intend” to infill the bridge.

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“I have sought confirmation from National Highways that infill is “off the table” - it would seem from their responses that it hasn’t been/can’t be entirely ruled out, though I think the strength of our community campaign has made it unlikely National Highways would want to envelop themselves in the storm that would ensue were they to infill at this point.

“I think Barcombe should be where we turn the tide on this whole process and say enough’s enough - concrete & aggregate infill is an unsustainable strategy that also happens to be an atrocious waste of public money in the midst of the crises we face.

“The bridge spans a section of the former “Bluebell” (Lewes to East Grinstead) Line, which has become an important wildlife corridor lying adjacent to ancient deciduous woodland,” she said.

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