HOR 130110 Snow. Sullington. photo by derek martin
HOR 130110 Snow. Sullington. photo by derek martin

Sussex in the snow: The Big Freeze of 2009-10

In the archive this week we have been looking back at The Big Freeze of 2009-10, when the country was covered in snow for many weeks.

By Megan O’Neill
Monday, 10th January 2022, 12:43 pm

At the time, it was named the coldest January since 1987 and it caused school closures and disruptions.

Hundreds of homes and businesses faced black outs from power failures in the wake of the snow.

Much of the disruption was caused by trees brought down by the weight of snow pulling over power lines as they fell.

Tracy Cunnington from Southwater said: “Local conditions remain very difficult for us and we have been struggling over the past week to negotiate snow-bound roads and pavements, in the absence of sufficient gritting and treatment from the local council.

“It is refreshing and fantastic to see that the community spirit is still alive and kicking. I would like to say a huge thanks on behalf of the residents of Andrews Road for all your efforts to clear the road and make it safer for family and neighbours to venture out in these difficult and very cold winter conditions.”

Despite this, it’s nice to look back at the stunning photographs of the Billingshurst and Storrington covered in a blanket of snow.

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