School conference 2009: The day the teachers got to return to childhood

Teachers were taken back to their childhoods for hands-on play during a conference held at The Globe Primary School in Lancing 12 years ago.

The adults had a whale of a time and the children had lots of fun too, enjoying traditional entertainment.

The focus of the Return to Childhood conference was learning through play and exploration.

The aim was to show teachers how they could provide quality experiences for their pupils, using a variety of senses to help them learn.

Jo Elvide and Terri Roberts feeling good vibrations as they make music together. Picture: Gerald Thompson W43126H9

Workshops included working with spaghetti and paint, exploring in and out of boxes, blowing bubbles and looking at high-quality texts.

“It was an inspirational day,” said Heather Keeler, head teacher at the time. “At The Globe, we need to continue to consider how to build this excellent practice across the whole school. Every child matters.”

Guest speakers included Marjorie Ouvry, a consultant in early childhood education, and Chris Ellis from Open Mind TV Productions.

Boxing clever at the Return to Childhood conference in October 2009. Picture: Gerald Thompson W43127P9
Sarah Burt gets some hands-on experience during the conference. Picture: Gerald Thompson W43124P9