Not a soggy bottom in sight with our best cake-makers

The Great British Bake Off has sadly ended, leaving many at a loss without their weekly cake fix.

The Great British Bake Off has sadly ended, leaving many at a loss without their weekly cake fix. One of the great things about GBBO is the temptation to give baking a go at home. I know I did - only for my "light and fluffy" apricot muffins turning out more like burnt rock cakes.

Mixing bowl placed back in the bottom of the cupboard (until next year's series), I still have a strong desire for cake almost every week. Luckily for us, we have a host of excellent bakers roaming food markets, street-food events and baking straight out their own kitchens. All are aching to let you have your cake and it eat. Here, we look at some of the cities finest:

Mr Bake -

The Mr Bake team specialises in the biggest and boldest cakes in Brighton. Run by business-savvy Tommy and top baker Ed, the Mr Bake duo are responsible for not only bringing the CroDough to our city, but also pushing boundaries with their big flavours, refreshing ethos, and quirky bakes. Cakes include the Zippy, Bungle and George, Billionaires Boys Club and The Roger Rabbit. Great for office parties, quirky weddings and social events.

Find Mr Bake at Bond St Coffee (daily), Moe's @ The Circus (weekends), Bagelman (Fridays), Choccaffiea and Chubby Chops.

Honeycomb Cakes -

One of Brighton and Hove's most successful pop-ups, Honeycomb Cakes is run by Rebecca Letchford from her home in Worthing. Rebecca's speciality are brownies: soft, gooey, with a serious cocoa flavour, these are easily the best in the city. More than a one-trick-pony, Honeycomb Cakes also bake a delicious range of classic sponges and modern takes on old favourites.

Find Honeycomb Cakes at Street Diner every Friday and Wednesday.

Sugardough - @sugardoughhove

Run by one of the city's most experienced bakers, Sugardough in Hove is fast becoming one of our most popular bakeries. Sugardough serve a wide selection of both sweet and savoury bakes, with emphasis on using local and seasonal produce. The sausage rolls and carrot cake are both not to be missed - perfect for chilly autumn lunches.

5 Victoria Terrace, Hove, BN3 2WB

A relative newcomer to the cake scene, Twit Twoo are impressing with their versatile menu and ability to turn their hand to anything. From cupcakes, traditional bakes, bespoke cakes, brownies and wedding cakes, Twit Twoo are currently the rising star on the cake circuit and I look forward towatching them gain popularity over the coming months.

Operation Icing

This bakery is unique for many reasons. Firstly, it's completely vegan. And secondly it is a not-for- profit organisation. Operating out of a gorgeous North Laine house and run by Jojo of fame, this cupcake bakery is worth checking out for vegan and gluten-free goodies. Currently taking a short hiatus, Operation Icing will be back later this year.

Other notable cakes in the city can be found at Marwood, Treacle, Mr Wolfe, Julian Plumart and Cafe Coho.