A bleached horse and a phantom car crash

Rouser 2012
Rouser 2012
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Seaford, like most Sussex towns and villages, has a story to tell.

Diana Crook recently put together Treasure Chest - A Seaford Anthology

- (Dale House) which tells a good yarn or two.

For instance, from a visitors’ guide to the town:

Seaford does not boast of any grand buildings, squares or terraces, calculated to impress the visitor; neither is there a cab stand or an array of omnibuses with open doors and noisy conductors. But awaiting, instead, the traveller will find a good substantial carriage of somewhat doubtful style and age, drawn by a steady-going horse; and if his coat is bleached from grey to white by years of exposure to a salt amosphere, he is staunch to the collar and down hill as good as a dray hose - and are not such qualifications everything?

From the Sussex Express, 1976:

Motorists may have received a warning from the spirit world about the dangers of Seaford seafront.Three weeks ago Mr Gordon Spooner of Bishopstone saw a car drive straight into the Seaford sea wall and disappear.

Since seeing the phantom crash the Spoooners have received a number of calls from people with information about fatal accidents at that spot.

Now Mr Spooner believes that at least four motorists, including a doctor and a coastguard, died at the at the same place. And he thinks he witnessed a ghostly re-enactment of one of the crashes.

And from the Dailly Express, 2009:

The driver of a Vauxhall might want to get his eyes tested after he ploughed straight into an opticians. The crash in Seaford caused £20,000 of damage yesterday. The 89-year-old’s car careered through the display units, coming to halt in front of three shocked members of the public. Owner Daeron McGee said: ‘He was wearing spectacles but he was’t one of my customers.’

* This pretty Bartlett photograph shows revellers at Seaford in the good old days when the beach had wooden groynes to protect people from elemental accidents.