A capsize and a public whipping

FROM the pages of the Lewes Journal, October, 1816:

l Foxes, we understand, are becoming very numerous in this neighbourhood, and have lately committed great depradations upon the poultry.

l Last Monday, as Mr Lowdell, ironmonger of this town [Lewes], accompanied by one of the young men in his shop and his porter, was amusing himself on our river in a pleasure boat, the sail, for want of proper management in jibing, upset the boat.

l On Wednesday, Thomas Start was publicly whipped at the Gate of the House of Correction, pursuant to his sentence for a felony.

l At Selmeston Fair, on Thursday night, Robert Davis, a licensed hawker, who had a standing there, was robbed of upwards of thirty pounds by a boy in his service who contrived to get possession of the cash by un-nailing a part of the canvas.

l A young hog, three months old, was about ten days ago, to decide a wager, killed, scalded, cooked and ate, in the short space of one hour, by four persons whose names we are requested not to mention, at the Black Boy, kept by Mr Grimes at Black Boys, in the parish of Framfield.